How We Can Help

Moving to a new home
  • Free one hour consultation – we take time to understand your priorities and goals
  • Develop an overall move plan and timeline
  • Create a customized floor plan to make your new space feel like Home Sweet Home
  • Sort through belongings and help you decide what to keep, donate or auction
  • Coordinate the transfer/shipment of family heirlooms to loved ones near and far
  • Keep family in the loop – we provide e-mail updates and organize conference calls
Rightsizing and Aging in Place
  • Simply your lifestyle to accommodate a new life stage
  • Sort and clear basements, closets, attic and garage
  • Recommend vendors for home improvement and modifications
  • Connect you to reputable community-based services that promote independence
  • Referrals to local realtors and assisted living communities when it’s time to move on
Real Life Examples

Paula and Harold raised their family in a four bedroom home in Stamford, CT where they were also active members of the community. It was a home filled with 40 years of happy memories but health challenges necessitated a quick move to a continuing care community that provided the support needed in a lovely environment. Sort & Settle helped by breaking the move into two phases. The first phase focused on the immediate goal of moving Paula and Harold into their new home - in just a month. A floor plan was developed so they could decide what furniture, paintings and other belongings to take to the new home. Then the packing and moving began. Once they were settled into their new home, Phase 2 kicked in. We worked with the couple and their family to clear out the home – room by room - and prepare it for sale. A weekend was designated for extended family to take furniture and other family treasures and the rest was sorted for sale or donations. Sort & Settle convened regular conference calls with the client and their family to discuss goals and milestones.

Margaret and Don lived on the Hudson River in Dutchess County for more than 35 years. Their home was filled with so much history – family heirlooms, a world map collection, vintage clothing and beautiful antiques. They were downsizing from a four-bedroom home to a two bedroom apartment and needed help deciding what to take to take, sell, and donate. Sort & Settle worked with them over four months; connecting them with antique dealers; shipping valuables to family members around the country; finding a good home for their many books; and clearing out the house after the official move.

Becca was a savvy business owner who was leaving her 3-bedroom home in Hastings, NY for a new beginning in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She needed a moving plan and a coach to keep her on task as she cleared out the house, room by room. Sort & Settle connected her on-line auction to sell her art and antiques; to movers for estimates; and to a storage facility to meet her staging goals. We packed and clearly labeled all boxes. And when the movers lost one of her treasured paintings, we stayed in touch until it was found – four months later.